Ultimate Dodgeball

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A digital recreation of everyone's favorite (well, other than the nerds who would always be everyone's targets) gym game, dodgeball. The game consists of a total of four levels. Your goal will be to hit your opponent with the ball - each hit that you make is worth 50 points. Your player character will mimic the movements and motion of your mouse. To pick up the ball, move your player's hand over to the ball. To throw the ball, click the left mouse button and hold on your player, and then release it when the power meter located above your head is read to throw with the maximum level of power and distance. To advance to level 2, you'll need to earn 500 points. Get 1000 points in level 2 and you'll move on to level 3, get 1500 points in level 3 and you'll move on to level 4, and reach 2000 points in level 4 and you'll win the game. As you can expect, things get more hectic and challenging at the higher levels - quick reflexes will be vital if you hope to score 2000 points and win this fun game!