Trackmaster Fantasy Showdown

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To play, keep your cursor on top of the circle as it moves around on the playing field in order to earn points. Try hard to keep your cursor in position on top of the center, which is worth the most points. The other rings going outwards from there will still earn you points if you keep your cursor over them, but not as many as if you can keep it centered. You'll get 300 points per second if you can keep centered on the bullseye of the target, 150 points per second for the ring after that one, 60 points per second for the ring beyond that - the outermost ring however will not earn you any points... though, at least if you can keep your cursor over it you're not going to lose out on any existing points you have. Should your cursor venture outside of the barriers of the target, the screen will become red, and you will start losing points for every second you're not in the target zone. During the course of this, a bar on the right will fill up the longer you spend outside of the circle - if it fills up all of the way, it's game over and you lose. If you need to take a quick breather to get your bearings while playing, you can press the space bar to pause, as well as by right clicking with the mouse and selecting an option from the menu it brings up. Your foe in the game is an evil dragon - while you play the game, the dragon's health decreases. Manage to reach a certain number of points, and then the dragon will lose! Don't get too cocky though - after that point the games difficulty increases significantly. This one is certain to put your reflexes to work!