Star Shine

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Boasting 50 levels in total, there's certainly a lot to do in Star Shine, at least if you're the type who insists on seeing things through all of the way until the end. The playing field of this game will be a large circle made of up dashed lines, and then one or more (or in later levels, many more) stars that are greyed out and dim. The goal that you have in each of the games many, many levels is to with one shot, fire off a burst of light that will illuminate the other stars via a series of chain reactions. As you move your mouse around the circle, in certain spots you'll see guide arrows show up that will show you the approximate trajectory of your shot. Clicking the left mouse button will make you take your shot - but seeing as though you only get one shot, take your time and wait until you're feeling pretty confident before taking the shot. Manage to light up all of the stars, and it's on to the next level, where as you may have expected things get increasingly more complex and difficult. With how incredibly challenging this game is, especially in later levels, you're bound to spend a good amount of time playing this one. One of our finest choices if you want a brain teaser of a game.