Space Dude

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You are an astronaut in Space Dude and your space craft has crash landed among the tattered remnants of a space station. You'll need to salvage parts there to repair your ship and resume your travels. Naturally though, things can't be too easy... there's a whole bunch of alien monsters that have over run the area, and they're thirsty for blood - your blood! You will need to make your way to the end of the each of the game's ten levels as you fight of hordes of monster aliens using your ray gun. The controls of the game are simple enough - you're largely using the arrow keys; left and right arrows make you run left and right respectively, the up arrow will make you jump, and space bar will fire your weapon. The game plays like an early 90's action game, offering a fun combination of shooting up foes and timing out your jumps on to platforms. Space Dude is sure to scratch that itch you have for a fun throwback style shoot em up!