Rapid Fire

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Shoot the targets in front of you. Reach the level goal to be able to proceed to the next level. Try to shoot multiple bullseyes in a row in order to get massively highy bonuses that will be essential to attaining a truly high score. You will need to be quick on the draw with your shots but you'll still want to exercise at least a little bit of caution - because you can only miss 5 shots in total before it's game over for you! Along the right side of the screen you'll find a circle that represents the remaining time you have in a level - if this runs out before you hit the goal, it's game over for you! Below that is the current level you're playing on, below that is your current score, and below that is the level goal - that is, how many points you need to earn before time is up to move on to the next level. Once you hit the goal, if there's time left you keep shooting to boost your score up further. Below the level goal score is a series of 5 hearts - for each miss, you'll lose one of these. Miss five times, and it's game over for you, so plan your shots carefully!