Rainbow Blitz

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Keep your happy town safe and sound against the incoming attack! Use the mouse to aim your cursor and press the left mouse button to shoot. Pressing P on the keyboard will pause the game, and pressing S will toggle sound on and off. Up along the top of the screen are some important stats you will want to keep track of - up along the left is a green bar that indicates your current health. In the center right along the top will be a number, representing your current score. Next to this and stretching all the way to the far right end of the screen, is a yellow bar that represents the amount of shields you have. Just below that will be the number of shots that you have available to you. Bombs will be dropping, and you need to blow them up before they hit your town. If too many of them get past you and hit the town, it will be game over for you! Groups of bombs can and will cause chain explosions, the bigger the chain caused the more points that you will end up earning. Along the way as you play this game make sure to grab power ups when you see them - there's health packs that will restore lost health, a super bomb that does a devastating screen clearing attack, a full shield which will restore your shields all the way back up to full, as well as bonus point power ups in amounts of 200, 500, and 1000 points.