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A classic case of a game looking deceptively simple, but playing it is anything but - Poom! is a fun puzzle game that tests not only your wits, but your reflexes too. The goal here sounds simple enough - bounce the ball. That seems easy enough, right? Well, wait until you give it a try! There will be a hole in the floor that you will want to prevent your ball from falling in to - if it falls in it's a game over on the spot. You have a cover you can move around over it, but unfortunately it's not a cover that covers everything - there's holes in it that your ball can slip through, which you defintiely don't want to happen. Move it around with your mouse and pay close attention when the ball drops from overhead where it's going to land so you can position the grid underneath ir accordingly. If you hit the tiles with the ball, the ball will bounce, which earns you points. Don't get cocky though and think you can just hold posiiton there and bounce the ball up and down indefinitely though, this is a grid that is constantly changing. After each bounce the grid will reconfigure itself, requiring you to quickly move the grid back into position so as to not let the ball drop through into the pit. You can keep the ball bouncing as long as it hits a tile, but you will notice different types of tiles as you play the game. Certain ones will earn you more points - such as ones with a target and bullseye on them, and others with coins and other treasure sitting on them. If you want to maximize your score, always try to be bouncing on tiles such as these that offer up bonus points. See how sharp your wits and reflexes are together in this fun and hectic puzzle game!