Parking Perfection 2

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How well can you park a car? Put your skills to the test in Parking Perfection 2 from Mousebreaker Games! You will be tasked with parking your car in a highlighted space, and you must do this without hitting another vehicle in the process. You will want to take it slightly slowly to prevent yourself from colliding with another vehicle - but don't do things too slowly, because there's a limited amount of time you are given to complete a level in. Park a car without hitting any others around it within the time limit, and you'll advance forward to the next level, where you'll face an even bigger challenge. The controls are simple enough - you will use the arrow keys to control your movement, and pressing the space bar will cause you to apply the brakes, hard. A simple game that is a lot of fun to play and highly addictive - you will find yourself killing a lot of time playing this one!