Ninjotic Mayhem

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A game in which you play as a ninja, fighting against a massive horde of zombies. These aren't your typcial slow and shambling zombies you're used to from horror movies - these zombies are fast, able to run at a full spring and they'll quickly endup killing you if you're not careful. Try to keep your distance as much as you can - if you must get in close, take them out using a slide kick or your sword. To play, you'll move your ninja around on screen using the left and right arrow keys to move left and right on screen, and attacks are performed using the space bar. Depending on the order/combination of buttons you press, you'll do different attacks - here's a few of them. When running, press the space bar and you will perform a sword slash. Triple shurikens can be thrown by standing still, and then pressing sideways (left or right works - but press in the direction you want to fire, obviously) and the space bar at the same time. Teleporting can be done by pressing down arrow and the space bar - you'll then have a window of time to move around, and you'll be using the left and right arrows to move yourself around before the attack wears off and you rematerialize. When you're in the air mid jump, you can press on the space bar to do a shuriken air strike attack. A slide kick can be performed by pressing down and the space bar the same time while running - this attack doesn't do any damage on it's own, but it does stun the zombies; in turn leaving them wide open for a devastating attack. Use the slide kick to your advantage! There is also a self ignition attack where your character will engulf himself in flames - do this one be holding the right and left arrow keys together and then pressing the space bar. You're invincible while this attack is in effect - but be mindful of the heat meter; don't let it raise up to the top otherwise you will lose a life. An air sword slash can be performed by pressing up and space while in the air. There are other attacks to utilize in this game, so try out various button combinations. Use your elite ninja skills to take down the blood thirsty zombie horde!