Muay Thai

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Back in the year 1200, the realm was ruled by a ruthless ruler in Siam. He started out as a noble and honorable leader, but he has become corrupted, and due to his change of heart his people are suffering... and worst of all, with the powerful army he commands, he could readily rule the world if he mobilized the troops. Though, there was one guy... a guy highly skilled in the martial art of Muay Thai - you! Up along the top left of the screen displayed is the current stage you are playing and your score. Down on the bottom left, there's two meters: you, and special. The one labeled 'you' indicates your current amount of health/hit points, and the special meter represents your special attack ability. As you fight your way through enemies, this meter fills up - once it fills up all the way, you can unleash devastating special attacks that will make quick work of your foes. For controls, you'll be moving around using the arrow keys - press an arrow to move in that respective direction. Blocking attacks from your foes is done with the Z key, punching is performed with X, and pressing C will allow you to do kicks. There's lots of different attacks you can unleash by pressing different combinations of buttons - a few of which we'll detail here for you. Uppercuts can be performed holding the down arrow and then pressing punch, a hyper uppercut is done holding up arrow and then pressing punch, hook kicks are performed by holding the down arrow and the pressing kick, knee kicks by holding up and pressing kick, double punches by pressing punch and up at the same time, a triple punch combo by pressing punch, up, punch in rapid succession, and a super punch combo by pressing punch, up, punch, up in quick succession, just to name a few. Try experimenting around with different key combinations and see what sort of other attacks you can find to pummel your enemies with. This is a great game if you loved games like Street Fighter and Streets of Rage.