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Pacman is one of those all time classic video games that just about everyone on the face of the Earth is at least somewhat familiar with at this point. A game like that has had impressive staying power - despite an initial release way back in the 1970s, the series remains popular to this day, seeing periodic new releases on the latest and greatest home consoles and computers. It's understandable why - the premise of the game is quite simple, yet tricky to master - making it the type of game that's perfect for play after play in an attempt to get the highest score that you can. This one has a Mario and Luigi theme to it - you're playing as young little baby Luigi, crawling around the level in his diaper as he gobbles down the red dots. The little hamster looking guys take the place of the big dots in the original game - chow down on one of these and the ghosts (this time played by the Boos from the Mario games) will go from invincible and in pursuit of you to vulnerable and fleeing. Catch up with them and take them out while you've got a chance! Just make sure to pay attention, because the effect is only temporary - you don't want to accidentally reach one of the ghosts just as the power up effect wears out. Take out all of the ghosts/boos in a level, and you will move on to the next level where the challenge will be greater. Down at the bottom left you can see you current level, amount of lives that you have remaining, and your total score. Look no further than this one for your retro gaming fix!