Flash Doom

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A game that actually lives up to the sort of game it's trying to emulate. While this doesn't offer you quite as full and engaging of an experience as the game it's named after would, it's a damn fine substitute for a quick fix! The game boats all the intesnsitiy, and of course all of the copious amounts of blood and guts you expect. Up in the top left section of the screen, you will see your radar. The green dot in the center is you, with the cone coming off of it representing your field of vision. Red dots are enemies - don't let them get in too close! Over at the the upper right portion of the screen is your current score - how many points you earn depends on where you shoot a foe - 50 points for head shots, 10 for each arm, 25 for a shot to the heart, and 15 points per leg - but there's a bonus 5 points to be earned if you shoot both legs. In the lower right hand corner is your ammo - this shows you how many shots you have left in your clip, which can be reloaded by pressing the S key on your keyboard. Over in the lower left corner is a graphic of your player character - this represents your current health. Instead of health being indicated with a number value, with this it's graphical - that is, the lower amount of health you have, the more bloody and beaten down you will look over here. It will be essential while playing this game to keep a close eye on your radar to see where enemies are coming from - they approach from all directions and if you're not quick they'll quickly devastate you with an assault from behind. Keep moving, and keep shooting, soldier!