Fancy Pants Adventures

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Use the left and right arrow keys to move your character around, and press the S key to jump. The up arrow opens doors, and the down arrow will enable you to duck - if you duck on a slant or while landing, you will perform a roll. Space bar pauses and unpauses the game, and the Q key cycles various quality options, should you find your machine struggling to keep a smooth experience going. Jump on foes to fight them, and pick up the swirl like objects scattered through the levels to earn extra points. Up along the top left of the screen will be a meter that represents your current amount of health - if this runs to zero, you will die and lose a life, which is indicated by the icon next to the life bar and a number (the number is how many are left - example if it says X3, you have three lives remaining). Should you end up running out of lives though, it's game over for you! This game is super cool for its highly unique art style, with a very much drawn by hand sort of appearance. The animation in the game is also very fluid, making this game a real treat for the eyes - and not only that, it's a real blast to play as well!