Dynasty Street

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A game in which you are playing as a mysterious ninja, determined to clean up the streets and assert his dominance over the underground. Many modes are available in this game, including an adventure mode that will have you battling your way through the streets as you collect weapons and power ups and attempt to purge the underground of the Reds. There's also a survival mode where you see how long you can last in a never ending stream of enemy fighters - a new opponent is dropped in every 2 seconds; but at least there's plenty of power ups available in this mode to make things a little bit easier for you. There's also a tournament mode that will have you fighting your way through different arenas against a slew of increasingly difficult rivals. Move your character around by using the left and right arrow keys to walk left and right. Running can be done by holding down the left shift key with a direction. Jumping is done be pressing the up arrow key, and crouching can be accomplished by holding down the down arrow key. Attack with punches by pressing the Z key, and perform kicks using the X key. Additional attacks can be performed by pressing additional keys with an attack key... for instance, a jump kick can be done by pressing the up arrow to jump, followed by the X key to kick while you are still up in the air. Crouching attacks can be performed in a similar way, though with holding the down arrow key instead of the up arrow. In the bottom left hand corner of the screen you have a meter, this is your adrenaline meter. The more hits you strike against your foes, the more it fills up. When "Special!" then appears, the power of all of your attacks will be increased, and you remain in special mode unti lthe adrenaline bar falls below 50%. There are more ways to attack than just using your fists and feet - weapons can be found and used to your advantage. Pick up a weapon and then use X or Z to attack with them, but keep in mind you will only get a limited number of hits with any given weapon, so make them most of them when you get one. Grenades can also be used against your foes, set the path of the trajectory of one using your mouse and then press Z or X to throw it. Mines are another weapon you can use, and they're ideal for setting up traps against enemies. Set one by pressing Z, but be sure to exercise caution - you are able to be damaged by it, so get to a safe distance before setting it off with the space bar, though they also work as proximity mines; if an enemy steps on it, it will detonate.