Doom 1

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Doom.... does it really need much introduction at this point? It's pretty much the grandfather of shooting games, the reason you're playing games like Call of Duty and Halo today - it all pretty much started with this one! Well, not this exact one - this is a game inspired by the original, as opposed to a flash port/re-creation of it. Aim by using your mouse, shoot your gun by clicking your left mouse button, reload with the R key, and press the space bar to hide. When you're hiding you can't be hit, but also keep in mind that you will not be able to shoot either. You have 15 bullets in each of your clips - reload your clip when you run out of bullets. Keep a close eye on your health and armor, displayed across the bottom of the screen (along with your number of bullets)... when you run out of health and armor, it's game over for you. This game has great graphics taken straight from the game it's inspired by. Our biggest gripe with it frankly is that it's over way too quickly.