C&C Zombies

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A horror themed game of action and strategy. Your squad was patrolling the plains when suddenly through your radios, all you could hear was screams of despair, followed by static. It's all up to you know to find out just what happened to your fellow soldiers... but that's going to be hard, and require you to take on a challenge the likes of which none of you has ever seen before - zombies! Your fallen comrades are now part of the undead army, and the number of undead will only continue to grow as the bloodthirsty army rises from their graves to feast on the flesh of the living, infecting all that they bite. Control units by clicking either on a single soldier, or clicking and dragging to box around the soldiers you want to move - selected soldiers will be highlighted in yellow. Once you have selected the soldiers you want to move, click where you would like them to go. Should you want them to attack, click on an enemy. When playing this game in mission mode, you must complete a sequence of missions; the likes of which will have different tasks you must finish such as finding medical supplies, rescuing surviving civilians, or just simply slaughtering some of the undead horde! When a mission is finished, find the extraction zone and hold tight in that spot until the chopper shows up to extract you. Any and all squad members that die off during a mission will not be available in the next mission - so naturally, you will want to keep as many men alive as possible to improve your chances of getting through all of this alive. When playing survival mode, your goal is more simple and straight to the point - kill as many of the undead as you can, going on and on endlessly until they eventually and inevitably overpower you and your crew - see how high of a score you are able to end up with! There are different types of units at your disposal - assault troops and snipers, and you'll want to learn how and when to best utilize each type to succeed. Assault troops are fast movers with a high rate of fire, but they also fire weak rounds with a short range. Snipers on the other hand, shoot very powerful rounds off and have a very long range that they can do it in - but they are slow movers with a slow rate of fire. This game also features night and day cycles - when night falls you and your squad move slower and visibility is poor, though you at least have a helicopter light at your disposal. This will automatically follow around your cursor, but keep in mind it's slow to adjust, so it will generally lag behind your cursor if you're making lots of fast movements. Should you encounter a vehicle, put a solider in it and then control the car by using the arrow keys. Need the soldier back out of the car? Just click on it and he'll exit - which you will have to do to bring your soldier with you to extract them from the level. Be careful when driving to avoid water - go in and the driver will drown. Also, the car wheels do not automatically re align themselves - that is after you come to a stop, your wheels will still be turned. Enemies can be killed a bit more easily by luring them into water - but you don't get a confirmed kill for this. Your soldiers can go in the water, but they will die of cold if you leave them in it for too long. Use rough ground to your advantage to slow down zombies and easily pick them off. Press the 1 key to command squad 1, 2 key to command squad 2, A key to command/select all, D key to deselct. Hold down the shift key for faster scrolling.