Ball Toucher

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Admit it, you like to touch balls! ...Sorry, had to make a joke like that with a game title like this. Ball Toucher is a fun and fast paced game with a pretty simple premise - touch the balls! Don't be crazy though and touch literally every single ball you encounter - that certainly would not be wise! Touch balls that are light blue or bright yellow - these ones almost look as though they are glowing with light. Whatever you do though, don't touch the dark blue balls, or the red balls with the red X on them. Move your mouse around to touch the balls. The game will keep a running tally of how many balls you have touched, as well as your total score. Keep at it as long as you can without touching the 'bad' balls - because touching those will result in an immediate game over. Sometimes the best games are those that are the most simple - and that's certainly the case here. Highly recommended if you like a game that relies heavily on your quick reflexes.