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How good is your balancing skill? Put it to the test in the game Balance! In this game, as you may have guessed, you'll be balancing a pole with a weight on top of it. Literally, that's all that there is to it. It's all a matter of seeing how long you are able to keep it upright and balanced without it tipping over and falling. Move your mouse around to get it flipped into position, and then once it's upright with the flat part with the weight facing up, move your mouse around to keep it balanced. For the most part, small and minute corrective movements are what you'll want to be using to keep things up and up... but, don't be afraid to use more than that for a movement when you need to. The small movements are best for correcting a slight wobble, where as a bigger movement will be needed to correct for a larger one - though you will want to be careful to not overdo it, because then you'll tip over. A simple premise for a game that is surprisingly fun and highly addictive!